Books for 1-8 year olds

This is a selection of books for 1-8 year olds!

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Dear families and friends,
We are offering baby sitting services  for families in the following Burnaby neighbourhoods: Metrotown, Garden Village, Greentree Village and Cascade Heights.
We work with your children based on their interests to ensure that they have as much fun as you do while you are away! We bring along games, arts and craft supplies, age appropriate movies and more. We also have a First Aid kit and will request your contact information in case of an emergency.
For rates and more information, please send us an email and your phone number. We’ll be in touch within two days.  We can be booked individual or as a team, depending on your family’s support needs and our availability.
Our email:
We are responsible students who would love to have the opportunity to baby sit for anyone in these catchments.